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February 6, 2017
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Douglas Kicker Bracket / Outboard Bracket

750.00 Excluding Tax

The Douglas Auxiliary Outboard Kicker Bracket is of the most admired and advanced on the Market today. And is easy to use and is of robust engineering design for long-life performance.

Which Model Suits Your Boat?
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Model Nr 1 = 2' 4″ (711mm) weight = 18.5kg

Model Nr 2 = 3' 6″ (1067mm) weight = 19.50kg

For engines up to 10 h.p.

For Boats of Max. Weight of 2000 Kg / 4480 lbs


Kicker / Outboard Motor Bracket Technical Details:

The Douglas Kicker or Outboard Motor Bracket is of all-aluminium construction to suit marine demands and is suitable for 2 stroke and 4 stroke Outboard Engines with a maximum of 10 H.P. and a maximum weight of 45 kgs.(100lbs)

The Douglas Auxiliary Kicker / Outboard Motor Bracket is supplied fully assembled, it is easy to use and is hand winch operated. It is a joy to use as is proven by the many many happy owners of the Douglas Kicker / Outbard Motor Brackets and it is ideal for Trolling as it allows you to lower and raise the outboard motor by effortlessly using the hand-winch.

Advantages of Douglas Auxillary Outboard Kicker Bracket.

  1. Designed by boating enthusiasts for boating enthusiasts.
  2. Robust Engineering design all-aluminium construction.
  3. Single handed easy operation of hand-winch allowing various positionings of outboard engine.
  4. Better deterrant against theft as when in parked position it is more visual on CCTV cameras.
  5. Trolling: It is ideal for trolling as it allows easy raising and lowering of Outboard Engine by effortlessly using Hand-Winch.
  6. Comes in Two options, Model Nr.1 and Model Nr. 2.
  7. You receive it fully assembled and it is easy to install
  8. Easy attachment method by bolting to Transom and Swim Platform

RANGE OF MOTION UP AND DOWN USING HANDWINCH ON MODEL NR 1. is 711 mm (=2’4″) and Model Nr. 2 is 1067 mm (= 3’6″)
For Engines up to 10 H.P. and of max. weight of Outboard Engine of 45 kilos ( = 100 lbs.)

The warranty on all Douglas Marine Products is 12 Months from date of purchase and our standard terms and conditions fully apply.

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